The Definitive Corries Collection

The Definitive Corries Collection
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The Definitive Corries Collection

This is the third CD in a series of 3:

The Essential Corries Collection (GBPBCD017) (Available here!)
The Ultimate Corries Collection (GBPBCD018) (Available here!)
The Definitive Corries Collection (GBPBCD019)

An introduction from Ronnie Browne:

When Roy Williamson died in 1990, you would have thought that The Corries would have died with him, but Judging by the continuing album sales and especially in this age of the download, there is still a very healthy interest in the music of The Corries. I find it very gratifying that interest seems to be spreading world-wide. Such is the power of the Internet, a revelation to an auld yin like myself.

As a wee experiment I compiled a list of the most popular tracks downloaded and when I suggested to my son Gavin that they might make a very interesting CD collection he jumped at the chance. I’ve tried to compile them in the form of a live concert, in the same way we arranged our performances. The result is a series of three CDs of which this is the third. Who knows, when you listen to them, it might take you back to those nights in any one of the myriad number of theatres and halls all over the country.

My goodness, I'm there already myself!

Happy listening.

Ronnie Browne.

Year: 2013
Tracks: 15
Format: CD only
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